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R & D

R & D and design

  • Greenbar specializes in the R & D, design and manufacture of lighting and energy storage power supply. It has established portable lighting, energy storage products research laboratory and professional reliability testing laboratory. It has carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with many new energy technology research and development institutions.

  • Greenbar independently developed the BMS system. So far, greenbar has obtained a number of invention and utility model patents and more than 30 appearance patents.

Product Development Concept

  • With continuous investment and continuous expansion of R & D talents, the Greenbar has always maintained technological innovation and ensured that it has achieved technological leadership in the industry.
  • Adhere to all design and R & D links independent R & D, ensure flexible, rapid response to customer requirements, and provide solutions efficiently.
  • Scientific R & D management process, the implementation of international high standards, to maintain the solution performance in the industry’s leading, and to maximize the reliability of products.


Greenbar firmly believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development. The core team has more than 10 years of relevant technology development experience, from product definition, project planning, design concept to supply chain management, system standards and Process, doomed to extraordinary products. 10% of the annual sales is used as R & D funds (high-end talents, cutting-edge technology, product experience), and the company’s existing R & D There are more than 20 technical experts and engineers, mainly distributed in R & D and design departments.

Minimalist UI design

Fresh and concise UI interface design Data and page presentation at a glance

Reliable functional design

More breakthrough innovative functions, To provide users with better service.

Professional firmware team

Reliable product function design

Friendly human-computer interaction

Professional firmware team support

New project development control process

Project management mechanism

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