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White noise sleep machine

Product Description

Sounds Machine with 34 Soothing Sounds: The white noise machine Built-in 34 imported genuine license sleep music, taken from the sound of natural harmony, including White Noise, Brown Noise, Fetal Heart Sound, Lullaby and other natural sounds, blocking out distractions anxiety and creating the most realistic and natural for good sleep, relaxation or meditation, promote faster and more natural sleep.


LED Night Light/ Mood Light: The Sleep Sound Machine has 3 brightness light and 10 colorful light modes: You can change the cover to change the Light Styles to Mood Light/Night light; We insert 10 light modes, you can choose any color or modes you like. Under the Night Light mode, the Brightness can be adjustable.


Touch Control Mood Light: Using the most advanced touch control technology, the color and brightness of the mood light are controlled by touching the net on the top of the machine.It is easier to choose the color you want when you sleep at night. (Please touch with your palm, do not use your fingers, because use your fingers to control the sensitivity is lower)


Auto-OFF Timer & Memory Function Noise Machine: The Sound noise Machine Use the optional timer; which can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The machine then shuts off automatically after a set time, so that you smoothly and smoothly loop in and do not wake up in the middle and still have to turn it off. Automatically adjusts to the last selected volume, sound type and timer time after switching on.


Sleeping Machine for Baby: The Noise machines for sleeping comes with the Fetal Heartbeat Sound, to mimic the sound of mother's womb to help newborn babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Whether nap time or night time, this sleep sound machines help lull your baby to sleep. A sleeping baby means more sleep for the whole family!


  • Product Detail
White Noise Machine With Colorful light
  • 28 non-looping soothing sounds 
  • Night light & mood light                                                                                
  • Touch control design
  • Perfect assistance in our life
  • Timing and memory function

28 Soothing Sounds

Touch and Stepless Dimmir 

Multiple Selection Modes 
Choose the bestsound and timer based on yourenvironment andyour sleep habits 


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