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Production Capacity

A manufacturing team with more than 100 people. More than 8 manufacturing lines have been put into operation, with a monthly capacity of more than 200000 PCs and an annual capacity of more than 2.4 million PCs. Scientific JIT manufacturing mode management, efficient and low loss, effectively reduce manufacturing costs. Strict requirements of the ten thousand level dust-free manufacturing workshop, reduce the manufacturing process defect rate.

Manufacturing process

Test automation PCBA

The equipment is mainly composed of automatic silo, visual guided handling module, transmission module, burning tooling, DC testing tooling, testing machine, four axis robot handling module, cold and hot impact test box, salt spray test box and ng product module. The automatic bin realizes the moving and closing of the tray by plate; the visual module determines the product position; the handling module carries the products to be tested to the transmission module through visual guidance, and moves the tested OK products back to the pallet from the transmission module; the four axis robot handling module successively transports the tested products to each test tooling for testing, and after the test, the OK products are transported to the transfer module, and the ng products are transported to ng Material level for product cutting.

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